For a long time now...

We have been consistently told to learn how to make sales, or how to get more customers, etc

Well, those things matter, but have you ever paused to think about what your customer REALLY wants?

Not what you THINK she wants?

In this post...

I will explain how you can make it easier for your customers to buy.

The advantage of this sales process is that, rather than focusing on what you can do for your customers…

You will be focusing on what they want to do for themselves (although they may not know it at the beginning)

And, the only way they will want to do it for themselves

is if they believe that whatever you are promoting is in their best interest.

Because the truth is:

“Everyone loves to buy something but nobody likes to be sold to.”

And this includes you and I.

For instance:

When you buy a new phone, or a wristwatch, or a dress, or a new pair of shoes, or a new luxury hair, or purchase any other stuff for that matter,

I can assure you that 99% of the time, 

You don't say this to your family, friends, partners, acquaintances or whomever you choose to talk to…

“ See what this person sold to me”

Instead you say “See what I bought from so, so and so shop or person”

And that’s why you have to focus on the buying and not the selling of your stuff, because....

Again “People don't like to be sold to, but they love to buy.”

Now, in order to think like a buyer…

It is necessary to properly define selling for what it is, and not for what most people believe it is.

So What Then Is Selling?

Ever since I stumbled on this definition of selling by Fred Herman, it has guided me overtime.

According to Herman, 

“Selling involves two intimately connected concepts: (1) Selling is teaching, and (2) selling is finding out what people want and helping them get it.”

The first part says that selling is teaching.

This is true because in every successful sale, some education takes place.

Through this process, 

You get to connect with your prospects or customers via a meaningful dialogue,

And stimulate them to open their minds in a way that’d get them to connect with you, and eventually make them take the desired action.

The second part says that selling is finding out what people want and helping them get it.

This sounds so easy yet, a lot of people often miss the point.

Remember that people buy what they want and not necessarily what they need.

And the nagging question here is:

Do people know what they truly want?

This is because most people have not clearly thought through their situation,

They may not even know exactly what is happening or available as a solution. 

They may think they want one thing when another product or service may actually meet their needs better.

For instance:

One of my clients texted me one time asking me some questions regarding an idea she had about her business.

She said the idea was “great” and that she was already working on it…

I said wow, that’s good but before we get all giddy,

Let’s take a step back and examine this “idea” objectively and see if it has a potential to scale.

I asked her some questions like:

* Who will benefit from this idea?

* And why do you think they’d respond to it?

* Where did this idea come from?, etc

Several more questions established my client’s real needs, which was to cancel “her great idea” and the works around it.

What she needed to do at that time was to focus on doing an in-depth market research to find out what EXACTLY her prospects will need a solution to...

Not what she thinks they need a solution to.

Thereby helping her save time and cost.

And because I thought like a buyer, I was able to help her identify what she truly wanted and needed to do, and not what she thought she needed.

This sounds so simple yet powerful.

In summary, 

Again, what is selling?

We’d accept Fred Herman’s definition that:

“Selling is teaching, and selling is finding out what people want and helping them get it.” 

That means, we don’t sell, we help customers buy.

When you think about it,

On a regular basis, you are simply trying to see if and how your product/service (or both) fits into your prospects/customers wants. 

And if you genuinely believe this selling definition, it’ll truly change how you approach customers. 

No longer would you have the mindset of... 

“I’m here to sell today” or  “I have to make a sale today.” 

Because you now know that you are in the business of understanding how your prospects want or need your product/service.

And when you start approaching sales and marketing this way...

You will no longer have to sell.

Because your are now customer-centric and therefore focused on the buying process of your customers,

Which in turn will make them always buy from you.

 And that my friend, is a far more powerful force than any slick sales technique.

 Always keep that in mind, and you’d see its positive influence in your sales and conversion.


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