It is easier to make more sales when you start thinking like your buyer.

Because it will help you focus on the things that matter most to your buyer and in turn,

You would use that information to treat them better, and make them trust you with their money.

As a business owner, a marketer/copywriter, 

Your job is to help your potential buyers understand their problems and then have a planned conversation with them through your marketing message, about your product and how it fits into their current need.

This also goes on to explain that:

The less you care about the sale, the more you sell

Because, when you genuinely care about the buyer...

* You will think like the buyer.

* You'd understand what things are important to her and how she thinks and makes decisions.

People love to buy.

The problem is they don’t want to buy from someone who acts like every other ‘seller

They want to buy from someone who understands them, who listens to them, and more importantly who thinks like them.

So How Then Do You Think Like a Buyer?

To think like a buyer, 

You have to understand the importance of market research and make it your friend.

For it's through market research that you’d be able to get into the minds of your prospects to see what worries them, what they truly want/need in terms of solution,

And how to position your product as the perfect solution to their problems.

This way, when you are speaking to them…

* You'd be speaking from a place of understanding.

* You'd also speak to them as someone who can relate to their challenges,

* You start thinking like them, and the moment you get to this level…

And then,

It will be easier for them to buy from you because you’ve shown them that they can trust, listen to you and eventually buy from you.

You now know;

* How to reach out to them,

* What troubles them,

* What they're afraid of,

* What they truly desire, etc

In summary...

When you start thinking like your buyer, you’d write better compelling marketing messages that’d draw them in and get them to buy from you.


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Kira · September 17, 2021 at 2:41 pm

Is very true ,we have to think like our customers and give them solutions to there problems

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