Selling People what you think they want or need is a recipe for disaster.

It doesn't always end well.

This is because you can’t pressure people into buying something they don't really want or need.

But when you regularly interact with your potential prospects/customers...

You’d know if your product or service is the EXACT solution for them, 

And on the rare occasion that it’s not…

Simply say so.

But then:

How many business people can be this honest and transparent with their potential buyers?

It takes a lot of good will to do so, knowing that it may hurt your business somehow.

But at the end of the day, you can’t overlook the fact that…

There’s incredible power in telling someone you’re not good for them if you truly are not (you can only know this through effective communication with them)

Doing this actually builds your credibility.

Credibility is very powerful in business and you have no idea what it will do for you over the long term.

Sometimes it can do nothing.

But if you plant enough seeds, some of them will definitely germinate (take a moment to think about it…)

As soon as people suspect they are being sold to, most of them switch on their resistance button. 

But if you show them that it’s an interaction where their wants and needs are what matter most...

They are far more likely to stay involved till the end (or at least until they see whether it is something that would benefit them)

Something else you can do is to…

Think the way buyers think and approach buyers with language and strategy that are in sync with how they like to buy. 

If we are being honest here, everyone including you and I like to...

* Buy from people who are credible, friendly, honest, and don’t bash the competition. 

* We like to buy from people who don’t sound as if they know everything. 

* We like to buy from people who understand that their product, although good, isn’t the greatest thing since jollof rice (by the way, I like Jollof rice, it’s one of my go-to comfort foods)

* We like to buy from people who make us feel they are trustworthy. 

* We like to buy from people who are real.

The important point here is that you can easily obtain credibility from your prospects/customers by not focusing on yourself. 

In summary;

Stop thinking; “How do I make this sale?”

And start thinking;

“How do I get them to understand their current problems and see my product/service as their go-to solution?”

And like I explained in this post

“Always think like a buyer and stop acting like a seller.”


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