Right from childhood, I’ve always loved reading books (I still do)

It is not surprising to me that after trying out so many things, I ended up in this career path. 

I can remember when I was 10, I read storybooks a lot..

 Especially those lantern-series books for kids (if you grew up in Nigeria, you’ll probably know these books)

In turn, I’d narrate these stories to my then friends as vividly and descriptively as possible.

Well, not without exaggerating a little or making up some scenes while at it, in order to make the story sweet, loool

In retrospect...

I had a subtle way of grabbing their attention, and enthralling them with my stories from start to finish (If I had known the power of this, I would’ve been a billionaire in dollars by now sha)

They looked forward to my stories and the mere thought of not disappointing them made me read tons of books,

And that’s because I was always on the lookout for new stories to tell, and new knowledge to share with them (I still do this till date)


That passion for engaging storytelling has stuck with me to this day. 

I thrive on my ability to capture the attention of people through storytelling.

My enthusiasm for marketing /copywriting was developed right from my mother’s store where we had to convince customers to make a purchase (I grew up in a proper Igbo business home)

In the last 3 years, I’ve channeled this passion through marketing, copywriting, content strategy, business growth, lifestyle,  and more. 


I help businesses market their product/services for more sales and more importantly “Profits.”

In doing this...

The main area of focus is on customer/client acquisition, customer retention, offer structuring and the marketing message that’d be used. 

I've worked with dozens of business owners to increase sales, maximize profits and gain visibility online.

Taught 200+ students the skill of Direct Response Marketing/Copywriting privately,

Which in turn became a source of income for some of them, while others applied the knowledge to their business.

I also have a free telegram group of over 1,000 members where I teach the basics of copywriting for free.

Aside from frequently talking about how ‘coming to America(1988)’ and ‘the dictator’ still makes me laugh (I have watched both movies countless times)....

Brainstorming on marketing ideas and bringing them to life with storytelling, entertaining and informative content is one of the major things that makes me excited and hyperactive.

So, if you'd like to have a piece of my brain on marketing/copywriting, or work with me...

Kindly click on the link below to book a discovery call with me.

During the call,

We’d talk about your business/work, evaluate your marketing, sales and offer structure.

And when you make our working relationship official...

We'd build your marketing funnel(s), tweak or create a new offer(s) and get them out in the world for more sales and "profits."

Let me tell your brand's story.


 PS:  If you need to contact me ASAP for business purposes, please send an email to: jacintaebere2@gmail.com

99% of Copywriters and digital marketers are only good at bragging about how they can help you make millions in sales, sell anything to anybody and all what not
After you hire and give them your money

 you realize they don’t even know what they hell they’re doing

they can’t even get you one sale

and at the end of the day, you’ve wasted money on nothing
Jacinta on the other hand is one of few Copywriters who’s in the trenches everyday getting results for her Clients and students not all over the place making noise.
I consult her when I’m working on personal projects.

And she’s the only Nigerian Copywriter I’ve paid to create a marketing promo for me. 

And every single time, I’ve gotten more value for my money than I expected! Highly recommend.

Andy Mukolo  //  Co-founder, Nairaroad

I was referred to Jacinta when we had a promotion we were trying to execute.
We needed a marketing copy and Jacinta did awesomely well.
One thing about her work ethic is that she takes every project she embarks on with all in her.
And doesn't give up till she sees you get the desired result.
One more piece of advice,
Don't start to execute that project till you consult for her marketing advice.

Linda Ihekuna  //  Founder, NutriHealth Consult Ltd

The circumstances at which I met Jacinta made me doubt her writing ability because I wanted (Andy Mukolo) to work on the project
But he was too busy to deliver within my timeframe, so he recommended Jacinta with assurance that she will deliver a great job and within the timeframe.
She erased all my initial doubt after I saw her first draft. She indeed did a great job and deserved a pay rise.
I’m definitely going to work on more projects with her because she’s that good.
Finally and most importantly she didn’t stop at just writing the sales letter but followed up our on sales reports to ensure that we got value.

Michael Olatunji  //  CEO, Myquest Finance and Investments Ltd

I got to hear of Jacinta from an expert in copywriting, he referred her to me to help work on my project, what I feel is the best part about Jacey, is that she really wants you to succeed. And so she has always gone beyond and over to do that.
Jacinta will give you more value than you actually pay for.
That’s why she’s my go to copywriter.

Bruno  Nwogu  //  Affiliate Marketer and Founder L-Earn Academy